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Wetlander is the best bottom coating for duck boats

Definition of duckboat:  a low-lying flat-bottomed boat used by duck hunterscapt-larry-boat-plus-pirogue-wetlander

A duck boat typically a simple jon boat that has been outfitted with features that are best suited for waterfowl hunters.  With it’s flat, or mostly flat, hull and shallow draft, a duck boat coated with Wetlander can get you wherever you want to go: deeper, farther, and faster than the other guys.  You’ll be able to access the areas that other waterfowlers just can’t get to.  Whether you’re running with a full V bottom, semi-V or flat-bottom, you can get much better performance out of your duckboat if you coat it with Wetlander.  And you layout, coffin box, sneak boat, Barnegat Bay sneakbox guys can make your life a lot easier with Wetlander on the bottom.

This page highlights Wetlander on duckboats specifically; For much more in-depth information on Wetlander, go to the main Wetlander site -> WETLANDER.COM


“Scott: I just wanted to drop you a short note to tell what a GREAT product Wetlander is. As an avid outdoorsman I spend a lot of my free time fishing and hunting in remote and hard to get to areas. Last year I applied Wetlander to the bottom of my hunting and fishing boat and it made it a whole lot easier to transport to open water. Once I reached my planned destination my boat glided across the surface of the water like never before. My only regret is not learning about Wetlander a whole lot sooner. Thanks again”-Jim McElheny, NY

“The boat below has Wetlander 3L system, it is a super slick, protective coating used on boats that bounce on rocks. It has been a few years on the coating we applied and to this day duct tape will still not stick to it. Highly recommend this product.” -posted by ‘Muff‘ on forum (Under the thread title: Painting an Aluminum Boat for Duck Hunting)


“I have Wetlander on mine ….. Very Very Slick… I could launch my boat off the bunks into the parking lot with one hand.” –Todd Dunnicann (post on,…under thread title of: Low Friction Bottom Coatings

“I have the Wetlander 3L system on the bottom of my boat – love it.” –Jfk1700,

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